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Vol 9 No 2 (2022): Maret 2022

Published: Mar 31, 2022

Risk Factors for Mortality Among COVID-19 Patients in Asia: A Literature Review

139-152 Hoirun Nisa, Adi Setya Frida Utami, Anissa Dwi Oktaviani
Read Statistic: 94

Comparative Analysis of the Nurse Cultural Competency Levels in Inpatient Rooms, Outpatient and Emergency Unit of Regional General Hospital dr. Haryoto Lumajang

153-163 Syamsiah Nur Azizah Abdullah, Nurfika Asmaningrum, Kholid Rosyidi Muhammad Nur
Read Statistic: 52

Mother's Attitude and Role Related to Toilet Training Readiness in Toddler

164-177 Aula Rahmawati, Ganis Indriati, Hellena Deli
Read Statistic: 55

The Correlation Between Youth's Knowledge With Youth's Perceptions of PWHA (People With HIV/AIDS)

178-191 Rice Dwi Oktavia, Yulia Irvani Dewi, Sri Utami
Read Statistic: 29

Research and Development of Seduboo as A Sex Education Media for Teenager

192-204 Veronika Dexsa Nanda, Wahyu Setyaningsih, Jupriyono Jupriyono
Read Statistic: 50

Hazmat Dress Model Development for Health Service

205-215 Munjiati Munjiati, Welas Haryati, Ratifah Ratifah, Dyah Wahyuningsih, Nastiti Nur Indriyani
Read Statistic: 40

Development of Mamoji Products as Educational Media for Adolescent Women About Early Detection of Breast Cancer

216-227 Sherina Amastasia Arifin, Jupriyono Jupriyono, Wahyu Setyaningsih
Read Statistic: 34

Analysis of Macro Nutritional Substances, Branched-Chain Amino Acids, Viscosity Enteral Formula for Hepatic Cirrhosis Patients

228-239 Eggi Puspita, Afriyana Siregar, Hana Yuniarti
Read Statistic: 59

The Development of Preschool Children Related to Democratic Parenting

240-252 Ni Made Ari Sukmandari, Komang Yogi Triana, Claudia Wuri Prihandini
Read Statistic: 34

Differences of SGOT-SGPT Levels in Serum and EDTA Plasma in Hepatitis B Patients

253-260 Nanda Rizki Khairani, Muhammad Rizki Kurniawan, Almatin Puspa Dewi
Read Statistic: 61
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